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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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minimally affected, if at all. there are cases not all related as far as i can tell speaking to the outbreak in berkeley. things were very well run. the camp is taking extra precautions in terms of urging all of the guests to use hand sanitizer, the kitchen staff is taking extra precautions and it is probably safer now than it has ever been. i want to make sure the public knows and those campers who have signed up for the coming weeks, they have nothing to worry about. every precaution is being taken.
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it was a little bit on the chilly side for this time of year, but otherwise the streams were spectacular. there are waterfalls everywhere. i would encourage my fellow commissioners to go up and have a look. the camp is beautiful with all of the water. everything is green. there was a late spring fall which turned all of the grass and leaves green, which is a change from the last six times i've been up there, where it was largely yellow because of the drought conditions. i think you would really enjoy it. the campus very well-run and i want to allay any concerns people may have generated from
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that article. the concern is there, but the story made the problem much larger than it actually is. i would urge the public to take that into consideration. the other observation about the camp is that this year more than any other, i was really pleased to see some many young families going up. i noticed the week went there were a lot of younger kids, people with babies, so perhaps this is something commissioner arata might consider.
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i ran into a family with a new board of just a few months and it was their first trip up. i would encourage you to go. >> thank you. that concludes my report. >> is there any public comment under the president's report? >> good morning, commissioners. i'm with the golden gate park preservation alliance. i would like to let the public know the spur worked on through the recreation department will be available and i recommend contacting spur for the report. there will be a noontime meeting to talk about the report and i encourage the public to attend the meeting and submit comments. >> thank you. >> would anyone else like to comment under the president's report? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. >> good morning, commissioners. we have been celebrating national parks and recreation month in july. my report for this month is a reflection and celebration of all we do. i have a few an quarterly employee recognition and a video highlights for the month. play day on the green. the san francisco parks track and recs & parks will host a -- will host -- your families -- something else to do with your newborn, you are invited to join us. we hope to see a big crowd out there. mcclaren by park design meeting #two. a second design meeting is scheduled for thursday july 28th, from 6:00 to 8:00 at the
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mcclaren elementary school cafeteria. participants will take part in a visiting session for the session. this saturday, july 23rd, joined dolores park works and the recreation and park department for recreation day and picnic. help beautify one of the city's most popular parks. we will meet no. of 19th street at 10:00. after-school program enrichment begins this saturday, july 23rd. the programs continue to be some of the most affordable options in the city, offering affordable activities for kids grades kindergarten through fifth. you can log on to our web site. rated -- registration begins on august 6th. i would like to take a moment to recognize a few of our recent retirees from this quarter.
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as employes retire, we want everyone to know whether you have been with us for five years or 40 years, you always be part of the family. we thank the following staff -- harbour master, larry white -- [reading names] thank you very much all for your service. it gives me no pleasure to pass on a bit of sad news. one of our long time employees and died of last week. he was a talented musician and artist and worked with our recreations division and our sincere condolences go out to the family. on a slightly brighter note, i would like to welcome our human- resources director to do this quarter's recognition presentation.
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>> thank you. good morning, commissioners and general manager. i'm the human-resources director for the recreation and parks department. i am proud to be here today to introduce an award, the recipient of the quarter recognition program. before introducing the recipient, i would like to review the criteria used to evaluate the nominees and select the participants of the award. for an accomplishment that improves procedures, customers service, deals with community, displays innovation and provides a model for consistent worked excellence and shows leadership, is timely and improved morale. a recipient of the individual work started her career in 1998 as an assistant recreation director.
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she progressed through the ranks and became the facility coordinator at the eureka valley center in 2010. in the past, she has worked at some of the more challenging assignments, jackson playground and others. in each of her assignments, she established a welcoming environment and gain the respect of her colleagues. it was due to her outstanding personality and ethics that she is nominated by her colleague. she is currently one of the prairie staff members involved in the renewal of the recreation use space for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning community. she and her co-workers have established a use space as a safe haven for the city's lgtb and questioning use. she works with the food bank to
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give healthy foods and vegetables and augmented the menu. she has been a great role model assign to leisure services by entering them into their professional roles. everyone knows york's hard and cooperatively with oliver fellow employees. the recreation and park department is honored to have such a dedicated and motivated employee. on behalf of the department, we thank her for her dedication and look forward for her continued success. congratulations. [applause] >> thank you very much. it's an honor to work for the recreation and parks department.
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i have had many mentors in my life. all lot of my supervisors have taken the time to teach me and i take that on and teach anyone i come in contact with. i'm very proud. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> one of the upcoming events this month to continue to celebrate national parks and recreation month takes place in the polo field.
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it is our first ever city-wide kick ball tournament. it is taking place this weekend, i believe, that i get that right? yes, it is. it's just one of the amazing activities being organized and sponsored by our leisure services division of the recreation and parks department. leisure services is comprised of outdoor adventure recreation and today we thought we would to a brief presentation highlighting some of the great work our team is doing. i want to call up jim wheeler and the team to make a brief presentation and show a short video highlighting some of the amazing activities we have done. >> good morning, commissioners and general manager.
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it's a pleasure to be with you. we have a short video to show you because we believe a picture is worth a thousand words. i would like to tell you briefly i'm blessed to have one of the most dynamic and hard-working staff within the new recreation model and you are going to see the fruits of all their labor. thank you. [applause] ♪ [inaudible]
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[applause] >> could you stand up for a second? we're blessed to have racks in our unit. i is want to say get out and play. >> because it is national parks and recreation month, we are going to show you not just one video today, but to. this is july in your parks.
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>> how long do you estimate you have been volunteering? >> about two years. >> what keeps you coming back?
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>> i just wanted it to come to fruition. >> are you volunteering right now? >> yes. >> how do you feel about volunteering? >> it's fun. >> it helps the community? right on. he makes it a better place. >> that was july in your recreation and parks department. i would like to thank our staff who does such an amazing job putting these videos together. jim wheeler said a picture is worth a thousand words and there were lots of pictures worth several thousand words. a little taste of all that happy enjoys in our parks. that concludes my report.
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>> commissioner harrison? >> a couple of months ago, i was curious and brought up our outreach policy and i was wondering when that -- where that is and what we're going to get a report on that? >> we did bring it to you several months ago for discussion and it is alive and well and being implemented all the time. >> i would like to see it. >> sure. >> our capital report was in april. this is july. do we have an updated version? >> we do our capital reports -- do you want to speak to that? >> commissioner, that's a good point. we will have an updated july report in about two weeks. we have had a shortage of staffing in financing. one of our members
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responsibility -- one of our members responsible for that has left and we have been struggling to keep up with that in her absence. we are looking to replace that position, so this should be a short-term laps. we look to have both the july monthly report as well as the quarterly report we provide to the general-obligation behind oversight committee will also be ready in the next two weeks. both of those documents should be ready for your review. >> i attended along with commissioner buell and commissioner harris and a community meeting at one of our community centers. i heard about some of the work the center was doing on the advisory council that had been put in place there. it has been some time since the
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commission has heard a status update in terms of how the council was doing and how the policy is and how many councils have actually been appointed and are functioning. i would like to see if we can schedule on the agenda and update on the recreation advisory councils and so that we as commissioners know when is going on at the recreation centers and what kind of policies are in place to report back to the commission as to what kinds of decisions and discussions are happening at that level. >> we would be happy to schedule that. >> we do have two members of the public.
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>> good morning, commissioners. like you, we have been waiting for a capital report for a long time as well. the reason i am here is because in regard to capital, as you know, sunnyside as a second surplus we are trying to make our way through and we are put in a situation again where we have yet another report and we have yet another, i should say for the first time, a package being sent to some contractors for pricing of our items and once again it does not reflect what we have been talking about for years now. we received what we thought was the lost cost analysis from the capital division director. it's this. the package that was sent to the
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contractor is this. it does not reflect what this says. once again, here we are in a situation where this does not have to come before you. we have no recourse and no way of having this explained to us and we have nobody to get too to be able to say to them, wait a minute, how does this even happen? each time this division has put up a report of any sort that talks about money, and believe me, none of them say the same thing, we have responded back and sent hundreds -- spent hundreds of hours responding and we have not once got a reply. we are being told this does not have to go before you because it is a j.o.c. we started out with $150,000. i think we should have a public opportunity to discuss this. from everything that we know, these so-called -- the so-called
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level of detail is not looked at or examined by this division, although the project manager gets the opportunity to do that. this project manager has not uttered a single word to us in person in two or three years. she will respond to an e-mail only if she is instructed to do it and she charges us for it. how do we have this discussion? we scheduled meetings again count -- to get -- that it canceled. we are told there is some opposition to what you want. we examine that opposition to the sunshine rules and explain how this is not a legitimate complaint. we go out into the neighborhood and talk to the movers and shakers and they respond in numbers in this way and yet we have no way of getting this information back to you guys so we could have an informed decision. we're not asking for much of this money. the money has been spent on
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mistakes. exclusions, deferred maintenance, things that have been ignored for years. now the package being sent to the contractor has even more of those. [tone] we need this process to start over with us. we are the friends of group and we know what's going on. we need a process. thank you. >> thank you. >> i don't even know how or where to begin. because what we are asking for is not something that is difficult and it's not something that should have been difficult. it was something there was promised to us september 3rd, 2009.
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we talk about joyful things. you have heard him use that phrase. these are things we deserve as residents and i have no idea why two years later we have to come to you and asked that we actually get the things we were promised. not things that were pie and the -- not things that or pie in the sky. we were told specifically that the fence was falling down would be repaired but it would not come from our surplus body. that has changed. we would be willing to do that and are willing to do that if somebody listened to us when we say we can find the money to do this, we just don't need to spend the money you are willing to spend on this list of deferred maintenance because we doot